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Bowmen of Winston

Founded November 2014 by Master and Bastard

The Clubhouse



An Edict of sorts:

The Bowmen of Winston is evolving. While the discipline of archery and all that it entails physically, mentally, and spiritually, remains at its core: a hub, as it were, Master has decreed that we should add spokes along which pathways to other adventures can radiate.


Spokes to adventures exist at the top of this page. We ask you to regard this page as the Home Page: the hub of the club.


'Welcome, you unfortunate few.'


In the Motto Grotto:

our principal motto:

coffee, cake, action...

a motto to challenge and inspire:

Patatas Bravas!

(Hot Potatoes!)





The Cuillin Perverse


They called him Cogsworth,

I called him Turd.

They called him clever,

I called him Nurd.

They called him fit,

I called him fat.

They called him Tit,

__I agreed with that!

By master



In the Store Cupboard behind Master's chair we keep:

ideas for the Club logo:


club badge


...and such stuff as nightmares are made of:


a worryingly frayed length of rope;

a small, framed declaration of hope that is forever kept beyond the reach of master's work colleague;

some of master's unrepairable words;

a selection of unclaimed stains;

something succulent;

something truculent;

a biscuit;

...and a sock.




Founders: Bowmaster and Bastard.

Keepers: Bowmaster and Bastard.

Losers: Bowmaster and Bastard.

Weepers: Bastard.




If you say 'ache' repeatedly,

you discover that you are not so very far away from home after all.