The world of Atenn Pelian:


Title ideas:
The Shepherds of Ylamphia
Night Shepherds

Legend of The Sccarabus
Shadows of Ylamphia

Sccarabus: extirpation

Legend of The Sccarabus: extirpation



For Master:

A wee poem:

It's all in a name

Come unbidden
Make your home
And never leave
Bare your teeth
(If I get close)
Demand a feed
Lie in filth
Festered thing
Selfish thing: entity
Usurper, tyrant
Wrecker of me

Leave me in a state
Embarrass, despoil, humiliate
Take me
Piss on me
Shake shake shake me,
Make my brain revolve
Spin me til I fall
Weaken my resolve
And piss on me again

Hold me back
Push me
Pry me
Sly me
Make-me-cry me
Little tentative shy me
Expect me to lie me
Make me bad
Make me sad
Make me wish I never had

You parasite
You bag of shite
I hate you hate you hate you
I'd spit on your grave you
Fuck off
Piss off
Go away
All this stuff
Gets in my way

There there
Don't hate me
Hate yourself
You let me in
You feed me
You keep me in the dark
You never show me to your friends
You never look me in the eye
I am despised
There's never been a day
When you have held me
There's never been a day
When you have praised me
There's never been a day
That you have called me friend
That day never came
The only thing you feel for me
Is abject cowering shame

I am that knot
That twisted thing
That serpent of the gut
Which makes you old
Before your time
Or leaves you in a rut
I am darkness
Dark pool
Mirror of your soul
That agony of failure
From victory or goal

I would tell you
But I can't
I could free you
But I shan't
It's down to you
You see
Look not down
But in
Set not frown
But grin

I am everywhere
and nowhere...baby
Give me a name
See me, here I am
Look not here
But there
Not there
But here
Face me
All you have to do
Is face me

I am darkness sheer
Nemesis of hope
The slippery slope
My name?
My name is fear
First middle last
My name is fear